Seasons of Love

via Daily Prompt: Measure

Most bloggers at this site know the musical Rent, which on the surface tells the tale of struggling artists in New York City, but at a more general, symbolic level is about life, death and love. The song, Seasons of Love asks the question of how to measure a year, in life. It is as deeply moving a song as I know of, and begins with “Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes,” the number of minutes in a year and goes on to ask “How do you measure – measure a year? …In daylights, in sunsets, in cups of coffee…how about love? …Measure in love.”

I posted my first blog entry less than two months ago, but WordPress sent me an anniversary message yesterday to remind me that I have actually had the site for a year now. I’ve been on a sort of reflective roll recently with posts on what would you do with only 30 minutes to live, and a haiku about healing the world one heart at a time. In keeping with that flow and in marking my anniversary of sorts, I offer you not my own words but instead Seasons of Love. I hope the link works. You’ll have to supply your own tissues.