How Are We to Heal?

via Daily Prompt: Heal

Haiku (of sorts)


how are we to heal

bleeding planet gashed by hate

one heart at a time


how are we to heal

weeping planet asking love

one heart at a time


how are we to heal

reaching now to different ones

one heart at a time


Explanation, skip if too boring: I typically don’t explain what I write. The words will either stand or fall on their own, but I wanted to give a bit of background on this. First, I thought about the old parable about the grandfather telling his grandson that there are two wolves always at war inside each of us, one representing hatred and fear, the other representing love and bravery. When the grandson asks which one wins, the grandfather answers “the one you feed.” Let us feed our loving wolves. Second “one heart at a time” is an adaptation of the story from which the title of Anne Lamott’s book, Bird by Bird, derives. She describes how her brother was daunted by needing to complete a long report on birds, and her father kindly advised “Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.” None of us can accomplish the seemingly daunting task of healing the world alone. But we can each take it heart by heart, one heart at a time. Finally, I’ve never tried haiku before but the phrase “how are we to heal” would not leave me alone, so its five syllables was a start.

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Thomas Ward

Professor Emeritus of Psychology, University of Alabama. Research focus on creativity.

12 thoughts on “How Are We to Heal?”

  1. Great! Nice way to put it. I say one person or one kid at a time. But I like ❤️heart.
    Btw, don’t worry about the explaining. I don’t consider that is a weakness or a disqualification😉

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  2. I like both – and your haiku and the explanation. It reminds me about this story of apes when on one continent they started to eat potatoes and it appeared that short after on the other continent they did the same what apparently meant that if enough of apes (don’t know exact percentage) were doing the same the information or the energy of it spread all over and had influence on the rest.
    People are the same – it’s enough that some 30% start to behave and think differently and it pushes the others into the same direction.
    And of course we can only start with ourselves.

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      1. I’m not sure how big was the percentage, maybe even only 10%, I’ve heard this story once but i don’t know where to find it

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  3. Good post again, and the explanation after gives even more to it, not making it less or weaker. I just would rather delete the bold text alone ‘ Explanation, skip if too boring:’ and leaving the explanation itself there after the haiku. Just an opinion.

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